16 Jun

Looking for an easy, all- digital fundraiser to help offset costs for your upcoming season or spring trip?  Take a look at our new ALL digital "pick-a-date" calendar fundraiser.  Truly one of the easiest and profitable fundraisers on the market!  We are the only company with this ALL digital format. I have been an educator for 25+ years and always dreaded fundraising.  I hated badgering my students to sell products, collect contact information, and make those awkward phone calls to friends or relatives they barely know. I had a program created to take calendar fundraising to a whole new level by making it FULLY digital . Each participant will copy their unique calendar we custom design for your group and post to social media. That is it! The calendar is ALL digital and no need to constantly update it. When donors click on the date (s), they are directed to a payment screen where they can use PayPal or credit/debit card to make payment. They can also select multiple dates at once. Organizations do not have to worry about collecting the donations, we take care of all that for you. Each individual will have the potential of raising close to $500 without having to share ANY contacts.  (31 days per calendar=$496.00 per member). ZERO Upfront costs! Reach thousands of people instantly without having to make one single contact! Paramount Fundraising can ALSO add an incentive for donors with a DRAWING for a monetary amount!

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