• The major difference is that our calendar is ALL digital.  Once members have uploaded their calendar to social media, it can be shared by others; reaching thousands more people.
  • No keeping track of who donated to constantly update/mark-off dates taken.  Once the date is purchased, the donor's name populates the square (s) and it is no longer available for donations.
NO.  Once the date is taken, it goes directly to a general account. Members never have to reach out to collect the money, pledge, or donation. Once the fundraiser is completed, a check is cut to the organization with a breakdown of how much each member raised and grand total.
NO.  That is another feature that makes this so simple.  Members do not have to make any awkward calls or share any contacts. They simply paste their unique URL to social media. They can email out the links to family and friends, but WE do not ask members to share any personal information with our company. 
VERY little.  
  • All we need is an excel spreadsheet with first and last names.  We do not need any emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc. That is it!
  • A spreadsheet will be generated with members' name and unique URL for them to copy and paste to social media.

It is up to each organization, but we recommend no more than 3-4 weeks.
YES. Paramount Fundraising can add a drawing for a monetary amount.  Each date/square purchased enters the donor into the drawing.