Pick-a-date to donate calendar fundraiser

Paramount Fundraising has revolutionized the pick-a-date to donate calendar fundraiser!  

I have been an educator for 25+ years and I have always dreaded fundraisers.  I hated asking my students to sell items, collect pledges and/or reach out to people to ask for money.  We had a program created to take pick-a-date calendar fundraising to a whole new level by making it FULLY digital and making it the easiest fundraiser ever.

Our pick-a-date calendar fundraiser is VERY simple. Each participant will copy their unique calendar we custom design for your group and post to social media. That is it! The calendar is ALL digital and no need to constantly update it. When donors click on the date (s), they are directed to a payment screen where they can use PayPal or credit/debit card to make payment. They can select multiple dates at once. Organizations do not have to worry about collecting the donations. We take care of all that for you.

NO Calls!
NO Email collections!
NO Product Sells!
NO Badgering folks to pledge money!
NO Money collection!

Each individual will have the potential of raising close to $500 without having to make ANY contacts. (31 days per calendar=$496.00 per member).

Reach thousands of people instantly without having to make one single contact!

NO upfront costs!

Paramount Fundraising can ALSO add an incentive for donors with a DRAWING for a monetary amount!

Here from some of our satisfied clients HERE.

You can see a working calendar by clicking on the calendar below.


How to do a "pick-a-date" calendar fundraiser.

The "pick-a-date" calendar fundraiser has been around a while.  The basic idea is that a calendar is shared online or through email, etc. Donors, pick the date that corresponds to the amount they wish to donate, and that becomes their donation to the group. The date is marked-off, scratched out, etc.

Now, there is a revolutionary way of doing this. Paramount Fundraising has created an all-digital format for the "pick-a-date" calendar fundraiser!  Click on the calendar below to see it work! You can click a date and see how the payment process works.

The problem with the "analog" version is that donors have to find a way to get their donations to the member. (Cash, Venmo, Zelle, CashAPP, etc.) The member then has to get those funds to the organization.  AND, getting the money can be tricky and create some awkward conversations.

With Paramount Fundraising's new digital version, this is no longer a problem!

A custom calendar is created for your organization and members simply post to their social media.  That's it!

Donors click on the date(s) that correspond to the amount they wish to donate, they are directed to a payment screen, and their name populates the square once they make payment. Organizations never have to worry any longer about collecting the donations pledged.

Members do not have to worry about "scratching off" dates, taking photos, and reposting their calendars.  It is automatic and instant.

NO Calls!

NO Texts!

NO Money collection!

Check out our website at www.paramountfundraising.com to see how it all works.

You can click HERE to watch a short video explaining everything.

Contact us Today to get this super easy fundraiser started. Very little work for organizations. It is one of the simplest ways to raise money for your organization.